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Our Programs

Tiny Champions
3-6 yr. olds

For children between 3-6 years old. This program focuses on habits and improving attention span for the lil ones!

Youth Program
Children 6 and up

For children older than 6 years old. This program focuses on improving mental and physical aspects while learning the internal values of Tae Kwon Do.

Family Program
For all ages

This program is for anyone that wants to get started with Tae Kwon Do. Have fun, get a good workout, and de-stress! It is never too late to get started!

After School Program

Get picked up from school, receive help from our after-school instructors and build their character with Tae Kwon Do!

Kickboxing Program
Teens & Adults

The intense yet exhilarating class to keep you in the best shape! Get started today in reaching your fitness goals!

Performance Team

The Performance Team is the elite program that competes at a national level under Master Ha’s coaching.

Welcome to Two Gold Tae Kwon Do

“As the Master of Two Gold Tae Kwon Do, I would like to formally welcome you to our school. I am very blessed to be doing what I do at our Tae Kwon Do school. By practicing the Korean martial art, I have learned many values and lessons. It has given me the opportunity to compete at the Olympics and take home the gold medal for my country. I now have the opportunity to teach others all the things I have learned over these past decades. Whatever your goal may be in practicing Tae Kwon Do, I will be there to help you reach it!”

Master Ha Tae Kyung 

Get Started

“Perfect” Practice Makes Perfect

As a former Olympian, I understand what it takes to compete at the highest level. But I didn’t start as a Olympian. I started my journey as a beginner with hope to improve, just like you. Throughout your journey, there will be times when you or your parents will be challenged, but that’s what makes it even more rewarding. Our school strives to encourage all of our current and future students to achieve their goals, whether it is to compete at a Olympic level or to live a healthier lifestyle. Believe me, I’ve learned a lot throughout all my years of practicing Tae Kwon Do. So, what are you waiting for?

Our Team

Master Ha Tae Kyung

Grand Master

Youn Hee Song


Kim Min Soo




Kelsey Kim


My son participates in the after school program. He's learned so much! He knows how to calm himself and focus - thank you TG Tae Kwan Do!

Nick RosaTKD Parent

Master Ha is amazing at every level. He is the most motivating, encouraging, and his personality latches on to his students at every level. Thank you for all you do!

J H Heo

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